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In 1980's during LiG's foundation, getting Erdogan Senay supports, LiG's name father Metin Turel, Necmi Tanyolac, Islam Cupi and Tamer Guney were in corporation to produce football jerseys and team wears.Meanwhile I was trying to produce football shoes.Together with Dinyakos's ( famous shoemaker ) master workman Turhan our attempt was more likely a research.Because in that periods there were no foreign brands yet in Turkiye.Stout leather soles and nail attached studs era was finished, plastic soles and copy branded shoes started to came out.But the outsoles of this type of shoes were very easily getting broken in one or two games. Having knowledge about our researches, Erdogan SENAY offered LiG to add football shoes to the product range.In this wise LiG football shoe's foundation was completed. Within this period Sahir GURKAN became the chairman of Turkish Football Federation and Erdogan SENAY got in charge of Turkish Football National Team's management. Soon after Jupp Derwall was brought to Turkiye for Turkish National Team's training. Because of LiG's charter members are the dignitary persons of Turkish Football, LiG's and Erdogan SENAY's offices were in the same place called as Unkapani, LiG became one of the most frequented place of all football association and named as Unkapani Federation in the press. Football Federation's Germany representative manager Fevzi AYDIN searched for German shoe sole materials and together with himself he brought the first sample materials which gave us the opportunity of producing non-breaking and high abrasion resistance shoes. LiG immediately took much interest among the 1th, 2nd and 3rd division football clubs. 1982 the constitutive partners of LiG separated from the company because of a discussion about the Turkish National Team.In this new situation I was alone with the shoes. I decided to continue. Today stitching the uppers with its computerised sewing machine systems, producing sole moulds with its own CNC moulding shop, injecting its own soles with TPU injection machines LiG is one of the most high technology using shoe factory in the world and uniq in Turkiye. During the years we established our own marketing department and our sales team regularly visits 1426 retail sales point all around Turkiye. Besides we export our products to Austria,Hungary, Romania,Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Holland,Latvia and Finland. I tried to summarise our past in these days of celebrating our 25th years foundation anniversary.Considering LiG Unkapani federation and that times Turkish National Team and reorganization of Turkish Football I have lots of memories.Inorder to share this memories, experiences and most important point to tell about nameless heroes of Turkish Football to today's players and teenagers, as a duty I decided to publish LiG Sport magazine as a present to the football community. Looking forwards to meeting in the next issues..

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