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Pivot systems are preferred as the most advanced method among all irrigation systems used to increase efficiency in agricultural land. Automatic irrigation, saving labor and regular irrigation are provided. Pivot systems are structures that can be used in processes such as sprinkler irrigation, fertilization and disinfestation through moving platforms on the center axis. OpalPivot systems which consist entirely of galvanized steel construction, minimize irrigation costs with the help of increase in products' yield, labor force, saving of time and 20-25 years of lifetime. It also makes an important contribution to germination because it directs water to the soil like rain. These properties enable you to harvest the crop on your soil in a timely manner with minimum cost and maximum efficiency. OpalPivot Irrigation Systems complete perfectly the irrigation of agricultural land in square, rectangle or irregular shapes. It raises the irrigable area of agricultural land to the highest level. Wide area can be irrigated with small amount of water. It saves up to 50% on labor and energy costs. Linear systems don't turn around a central point as it is in Center Pivot irrigation, they go back and forward to complete irrigation. Linear Systems, one of the most common forms of agricultural irrigation in the world, are the most suitable way to irrigate 98% of your land. With the OpalPivot irrigation system, you can also do fertilization, disinfestation, scheduling and farm management. OpalPivot Center irrigation systems are specially designed for farms of different sizes. OpalPivot Center provides labor savings and high efficiency by working smoothly in all climatic, topographical and shearing conditions. OpalPivot systems ensure quality crops in each region by working smoothly on flat terrain, hills, flooded plains, deserts and valley

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