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With the dream of being the first company to provide integrated solutions and services in the field of Industrial Packaging, In 1992, our founder Huseyin YILMAZ spent his life in a small shop on Gazcilar Street to meet the demands of industrial packaging. Whatever was the thoughts in those years, it has not changed today, it has developed from day to day; In Interkan, the producers continue to receive only high quality, accurate and effective products and always deliver these products to the customers at the right time, at the right prices and with the right approaches. In our rapidly changing world of conditions and habits, "packaging" has now become the deciding factor for many decisions. Investments in packaging and decisive steps have played a major role in product development as well as sectoral vision of the Intercultural Understanding. In 1997, Interkan, which has transformed the foundation in Bursa into a Logistics Center, Eskisehir in 2001, the opening of Istanbul branches in 2002, the Logistics Base established in Bursa Nilufer Organize Sanayi Bolgesi in 2004 and finally the integration with the Manisa branch opened in early 2006. Interkan was established to meet the needs of automotive, textile, food, beverage, white goods, marble, chemical industries and subsidiary industries in the most effective way regarding industrial packaging materials; taking new steps in line with customer demands and expectations, aiming to be one of the pioneering, exemplary and successful companies of the sector by providing real and lasting customer satisfaction and adding new packaging materials, packaging equipments, chemical products etc. to its portfolio. Thanks to the organization that provides materials, machinery and technical service under ideal conditions, in product-specific packages, it offers cleverly enhanced options with the world's most advanced technology. It constantly introduces new ideas to ensure that packaging and packaging machines, which are constantly needed everywhere and every moment of life, can be used to make life even easier. The company offers new solutions for packaging for every product to be moved, saved and to be stored.

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