ABOUT OUR COMPANY Our company has solved many insulation problems in the sector Since 1981, growing with sure steps. Our production started with liquid waterproofing materials under the brand name of MOLUMER. Our factory is located in Torbali / Izmir, on 5000 square meter area. Our company takes care to provide reliable, comfortable and hassle-free living spaces with respect to its products that do not harm human health and maintains its activities in the construction sector with successful R & D works as well. Our goal is to share our technical know-how, experience and hardware with our valued practitioners and technical companies, who desire success, prestige and profits, to raise our quality standards, open to continuous improvement, to provide the best quality services with the best quality products, to be trusted and accepted in the market. Our aim is also to solve all insulation problems with guarantees. Our main goal is to respond to expectations with the best solutions. With the MOLUMER brand, we have solved many water insulation problems in construction sector since 1982. In 2008, we have developed a special roofing material which called "IZOLESER" and is one in our country, Europe and the World. This patented material provides water, sound and heat insulation together. Our innovation award-winning company, which attaches great importance to R & D works, produces thermally insulating paints under the Molumer Thermal Paint brand. Our Vision: It is to provide safe, comfortable and hassle free living spaces with products that respect nature and do not harm human health. Our Mission: It is to produce products which are compatible with the different types of buildings, synthesized by the life principles of nature, useful and long-lasting products, and to serve to our stakeholders and end consumers with the responsibility of the consultant firm.

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