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Established in 1996; our company operates in a 6;500 square meter plant with a workforce of 200 staff members and 70 managers. We export textile products manufactured from knitted and woven fabric to foreign customers mainly in Russia; but also in the United Kingdom; Germany; Sweden. Poland and the USA. In the ready-to-wear department of our plant; where 200;000 to 250;000 pieces of textile products are manufactured monthly; we have a 100-machine band system which accounts for 60% of our total production. The remaining ?0% is manufactured by our subcontractors. The models of our distinguished collection are prepared by a team of three stylists and seven fashion designers. A portion of this collection is exported to countries in the European Union; the USA; and Russia; while other parts are offered for sale in the fashion- conscious; local chain stores. The main mission of our company; managed by an experienced professional team; is to provide the best quality with the best service. In order to reflect this principle in our work; we maintain quality and control in all stages of our business; from manufacturing to delivery. Our manufacturing process starts with serialization and template works which are managed by Gerber systems. When our products are manufactured; they pass through the cutting; sewing; ironing; packaging; quality control and delivery departments. Because we are conscious of fulfilling all of the requirements of our product competency license; the company maintains the ultimate quality and control in order to satisfy the demands of our customers.

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