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Kardelen Makina was established in 1994 and based in Ankara by the Mechanical Engineer Ali Ozbek in the construction sector with all our process of knowledge and skills of the light construction machinery. Due to the economic crisis faced during its establishment, the company was called Kardelen. “ Kardelen ” is a plant that grows even under the most severe natural conditions by cutting through snow and it comes up in the purest places. Our precious and dedicated efforts to produce our machines for the construction sector’s needs is continuing to advance day by day. To meet customer demands in required quality, we are considering the required technology and modern age needs. And by making investments in technology and hardware we want to make more contribution for our customers. Kardelen Makina has been the most wanted and the favourite company not only in Turkey also in the overseas countries ever since it has been established and has proved their products quality with the ISO 9001 quality certificate in the construction sector. Our investments have been rapidly increased; and in 2007 Kardelen Makina has moved to the factory which has been built with their own resources. In other words, our production has grown from 350 m² to 1.600 m².

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