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KARENPRO company was established in 2007, it is a Specialist Engineering, Fabrication and Contracting Company, operating in Turkey and international markets. It carries the 25 years old experience made in the field to today’s engineering and production with the support of R&D activities. It has made contribution to our country economy by its private business activities. Karenpro main activities are -Custom purpose machine design Empty bottle feeding machines Dust collection systems Fume washing systems -Architectural and structural steel business is recognized as one of the growth business by the companies top management. - Material handling systems Elevators, Belt conveyors, Screw conveyors, Drag conveyors, Steel belt conveyors -Karenpro is making recycling machine production and system designs about the ecological wastes. It supports the companies dealing with separating and collecting waste by creating solutions for their projects. Karenpro are producing shredders and wringers for cutting oil removal

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