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Kent Plastik is the leading company established 1987 at it's sector. At it's developing period either it's machinery or producing capacity takes the firm to place in market at this time. The firm is also at the right place with it's direct or indirect selling done either inside or outside market. In order to make its place rather strong in the sector carries on it's establishments with it's well educated stuff nowadays both zipper bag about 15 standart sizes ranging from 5 by 5 cm to 31 by 23 cm and shopping bag producing can be accomplished the order with the only restriction beging a maximum width of 50 cm. However printing of up six color using alcohol-based inks is available. All of our productions meet European and Turkish standart regarding recyclability with the modern and sophisticated understanding at the finance and process management order and delivery term is on the optimum level with it's new vision Kent Plastik is carrying on supporting Turkish Industry by stronging it's place

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