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Kevser was founded a century ago by Huseyin Cecen in a small workplace of 150 square meters in the production of lokum and cezerye. He has started to take his place in the market since 1980 with his experience and determination. From time to time, Huseyin Cecen turned 150 square meters of work into 300 square meters of work.Kevser, who has a good place in the market with its quality, responded to customer demands by doubling its capacity in line with the high demands. Huseyin Cecen attaches great importance to hygiene,quality,experienced staff and customer satisfaction in production. In 1997, KEVSER SEKERLEME TIC. LTD. STI. by establishing a company under the name of more professional and corporate direction Omer Cecen was brought to the head of this company. The company's policy aims to grow in in the field of production and production areas by taking care of hygiene,quality and experienced staff and adapting to globalizing world conditions. In addition to serving Lokum and Cezerye,Akide Sugar,Mevlana Sugar, Palm Sugar and Kevbon brand has diversified its product portfolio with bonbon sugar by increasing the production capacity of 300 square meters to 2000 square meters. Omer Cecen , who knows very well that production was not made to make production, is very well aware of the importance of the brand in the world, and he has been working to introduce the kevser brand to the world. Within this, it creates dealership networks to increase its market share and provides access to all segments. Omer Cecen , who is proud to do the right thing (the best) by his positive and admirable promises from the market, uses technology to get where he is worthy of the market.

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