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Remoll brand, which is the result of construction application experience and advanced R & D work, is at the service of the building industry since 1987. Remoll produces customer-focused solutions in accordance with changing conditions and evolving methods. It brings innovative solutions to the building sector where competition and product quality were improved at European standards. It is constantly communicates with users and practitioners to ensure the highest quality of service and to meet the changing needs. It provides permanent and rational solutions in the process of reaching the site and the end user from the project stage in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this success in product quality, an advanced research development laboratory and a team of experts are involved. It does not give a chance to the fault by making use of latest innovations of technology in production. Company provides Long-lasting, healthy, breathable, products with high resistance and performance with its pumice-based, fully unique aggregate. Remoll invites all users to meet on quality… REMOLL MASTER OF MATERIALS AND MATERIALS OF MASTERS

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