KIZIKLI is one of the leading companies dealing with the production of Fruit Juice and Nectar. KIZIKLI Group has been started to production on 2003 by expanding its production facility with the First Fruit Juice Manufacturer Company in Turkiye since 1973.Our Factory is located in Nigde and very near to Mersin Port. In case of our very strategic factory location, we can easily reach to the best fruits (especially Apple) of Turkiye. In every production process we have aimed to bring together Quality, Productivity, Economic Production, and Competitive Price are our company base principals.All studies completed on 01.07.2004 and we have installed The First and Fully Automatic System in Turkiye. KIZIKLI has the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate,ISO 22000 and HACCP Food Safety System Certificate taken from DNV, HOLLAND.KIZIKLI produce NETTO PREMIUM as 100% Fruit Juice, NETTO as Fruit Nectar and LAIDA as Fruit Flavoured Drink. We have the capacity for 200ml packaging 122.000.000 Packs/Year and 88.000.000 Packs/Year for 1000ml Packaging.We are producing NETTO PREMIUM Brand for (100%) Fruit Juice as;Pomegranate Juice, Roseship Juice, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Grape Juice and Tomato Juice, 8 red fruitmix juice.We produce NETTO Brand Name as Nectar and offer the following tastes to the market;Orange Nectar, Sour Cherry Nectar, Peach Nectar, Apricot Nectar and Fruit Mix Nectar with Vitamin A,C,E,Pear nectar,ananas drink,mango drink.From the beginning to the end of the process, our production is under high technology control of computers. By this way, we have aimed to serve the best quality, delicious and healthy products under LAIDA Brand Name to our consumers. We have presented all of above products as 200ml and 1000ml packaging to the consumers.

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