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Korkmaz has been producing stainless steel cookware and electrical appliances since 1972. In 41 years of time; Korkmaz increased the capacity, the market share and modernized its technology. Everything had been changed at Korkmaz except one main idea; "Producing the best, the newest, the most beautiful and the most suitable for human being..." In order to supply the people-needs in the very fast developing and changing world, we need to recognize these needs in a very professional way and filter these needs from our manufacturing experience. All the items has been introduced in the 2013 program are ideally and exclusively created by Korkmaz which are being manufactured according to Korkmaz’s understanding of quality and aesthetic. All of products conforms international health and quality norms. As far as Korkmaz is one of the leading manufacturer in cookware and electrical appliances sector in Turkey and also Korkmaz exports its products more than 65 countries around the world.

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