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In the early 20s, Kucuk Osman started weighbridge with an oka unit and produced the first kilogram-based scales in the transition from oka to kilogram. Kucuk Osman, who won a medal of appreciation with his weighbridge at the First Handcrafts and Small Arts Exhibition in Ankara in 1936, was honored with the Attorney for Economic Affairs signed by Celal BAYAR, the Deputy Economy Minister of the period.As the 4th Generation, who carries this responsibility on our shoulders from the founder of our company Kucuk Osman, we are always following the technology and innovations and following all of our experiences gained in the weighing sector. We determine the needs of mechanical scales, we prepare boutique productions and new product designs tailored to the needs of the companies, as well as providing service for spare parts, technical service, calibration and stamping of your existing scales from each brand.

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