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We, as a part of our establishment which has operated in Romania since 2003, continue to have an important place in all kinds of logistic, transportation, export and import sectors with our new office, opened in 2011. Since its establishment, company has given services in international transportation, warehouse - warehousing and customs clearance sectors. Company has adopted open minded as its principle in transportation industry which developes day by day. Company is pioneer of its industry by increasing business professionality as both technologically and strategically. Currently company is solution partner of lots of elite domestic and foreign companies in land transportation. Its vehicle fleet is young and has the latest technological equipments. Vehicle drivers constantly are subjected in service training. Company is one of the permanent member of national and international organisations of this industry. Also all steps of its operations guarantee with ISO 9001-2008 quality certification. Company has signed on long term business aggrements with leading equivalent companies of Europe and has a strength service network. Representatives of company graduated from the best universities. They are so good at foreign languages of customers which they operated in. Vehicle drivers are experienced and have all certifications in transportation industry. Company gives services in international land transportation, general warehouse and warehousing, import-export custom clearance, general domestic distribution and collection, heavy duty transportation and custom transportation projects.

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