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Foundation of one of the leading companies, Kuyucak Textile is laid by the leadership of Suleyman Kuyucak in Besni district, Adiyaman. Having started with a loom in 110 m2 area, business life of company continued in 1983 in Usak and has rapidly growth and developed with innovative, development-oriented structure. Having started to operate with manufacturing of rugs in this industry, Kuyucak increased its production range. Today manufacturing 50.000 blanket per month, Kuyucak Textile developed its yarn facility in 2010 and expedited to manufacture yarn from 1 to 20 numbers. Keeping to be a leading company in yarn investments like all other investments , Kuyucak Textile started to manufacture regenerated yarn with open end technology inthe direction of environmental conscience of company. Today Kuyucak Textile manufactures 9 tone regenerated yarn per day and these yarns are used in knitting, weaving and blanket industries. Realizing production of yarn and blankets in 10.000 m2 area, Kuyucak Textile employs about 100 people and so contributes to country economy. Having manufactured for domestic market since its establishment, Kuyucak Textile also has paid attention to export activities and has made significant progress for the purpose of reaching a wide audience. Today exporting blanket and yarn to Africa, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, France, Spain, Israel, Kuyucak Textile provides significant amount of foreign currency to country economy.

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