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We have stable and reliable business relations with excellent Chinese manufacturers. The main export products are bearings, belts, bulbs, oil filters, air filters, air conditioner filters, spark plugs, ball heads, tie rods, control arms, and reductions. Shock absorbers, wipers, brake pads, brake discs, water pumps, lights, bumpers, fenders, lubricants, tires and other automotive parts. . . We also have our own brake pads and brake disc factory, the models involved are cars, trucks, buses, products with more than 4,000 items, brake pads raw materials are semi-metal, low-metal, ceramic, export countries have Europe, Asia and Most countries in Africa. Brake Disc We have a foundry assembly line, a machining line, and a cleaning and packaging line. It is one of the supporting manufacturers of the world's top 500 brake disc companies. hope we can build a stable and reliable business relationship. Looking forward to your contact.

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