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 Our company authority, examines your salt plants and systems in the place and offers you the most suitable , dynamic and functional solutions as a special.
According to this understanding we developed our company vision on the salt machinery production by analyzing all the needs of our customers with the best available and most appropriate solutions.

  With our international sales experience our Trained professional staff who speaks Arabic, English and French as theirs main language meets with customers. After they listened our customers in their own language, they produce the most accurate solutions in this subject.
After sales and the installation of plant by engineers, the training is given about installation and staffs. The slightest details about the facility is disccusses and the plant is delivered after it has run the most efficient manner.

  Our customer service team that we have build is a young and dynamic team and they intervention to malfunction within 1-3 days for defects in the country and abroad

  Our Mission: Mak TR's main mission is to export more countries with each passing day. According to international quality standards, following and implemeting is always protects happy customer understanding.
Our Vission: To work hard, is not enough for succeed. It is just one of the conditions which must be. Quality concept, is not only about the product. It is an indication of the quality of communication with our customers.

  Quality: To exceed the expectations of the customer does not only produce high quality products. At the same time after sales service needs to be perfect.

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