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Makrowood as a customer-oriented, highly competitive, open to continuous improvement, we committed to a World class, reliable and quality products. Our Mission With technology constantly changing needs of the time in the world for the research, development, design, production and sales activities in an honest, respectful of the natural environment, society, peace, people who value the principles and elements of principles, which may contribute to the vision of Turkey, and sales in different regions around the world continue production activities, country, sector, and to increase the volume of production, is a company with investments in certain periods. Vision First, employee, customer and employee satisfaction, enabling recognition of its responsibility, the other in a fun and pleasure has made Disabling doing everything to make every opportunity in the workplace environment bulunabilinen. Employees, together with a common purpose and goal to make what we feel, the necessary infrastructure, education, knowledge and skills gained self-confidence easily separated by demonstrating significant interests sine strengthening R & D, high-tech machines designed its software unit, forming the country that people from sharing with respectful, environmentally conscious thoughts with the staff, who have their own concept of the world within the next ten years to become one of the top 5 exporters that are common to adopt this goal tirelessly tirelessly to advance on this path.

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