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Martin Silah Sanayi was established in 1997 in Beysehir Uzumlu Town, which is famous for its weapon production in Konya. Martin-growing developing weapons since its inception, Turkey serves as a well-established franchise system in general. The basic principle of the Martin Silah, which has been proven in its own country and targets the world market, is to respond to the needs of its customers by producing quality products at the highest level. Although you have an important client portfolio in Turkey, personalized bulunarak reveals the difference in production for special orders. Martin Silah, which is preferred by many hunters especially in Europe, South America, Russia and African countries with its gas semi-automatic and kinetic benelli options, produces unique quality weapons combined with traditional hand workmanship and technology and exports more than half from abroad. The Martin Kinetic weapon is 2 pounds 800 grams and has 24, 28, 32, 34 and 60 grams of operation and 10,000 cartridges are guaranteed, except for wood parts. Perfectly designed for the comfort and effective use of a hunter, the Martin Silah is manufactured by top-level masters in the modern premises. Received praise from all over the world at Martin Shooting Turkey continues to be a source of pride

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