Established in 1979. Mas Matbaacilik serves in her own 8000 square meter building since October 2007. design; pre-press; press; post press and fulfillment ?? c©mpany functions ??? uipped with uninterrupted power?premise is e ?.projects under-one- roof supplies; generator; acclimatization; and water tanks to support a continuous uality standards? workflow. We introduce inline control systems to accomplish that are approved by our customers. We stress emptoyee trainings; ;uality control at all times? standardization and company has a machine portfolio suitable to fulfill not only long runs but also ??? uality in sheet-fed commercial printing. We have a? short runjobs with high uality full color book printing and we have a major? uent know-how in?subse uestion. Personalization and fulfillment is? share in the printing of these books in ;also another strong business in our company We have two sister companies that operate in publishing field.

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