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Matesa Textile Corporation was founded in Maras in 1989. MATESA, which was built as a yarn company in the beginning, is one of the biggest and strongest textile companies of Europe by operating on 350.000 metre square open and 305.000 metre square closed area and owning 2 vertical integrations from yarn to ready-made garment at knitting and weaving sectors.

All the stages of production from yarn to fabric is materialized under its own roof. By that feature, our company intensifys high quality standards and provides a possibility of better service to our customers.
Yarn spinning, knitting and weaving mills, and at last knitting and weaving dyeing mills are activated as full integration within Matesa constitution.

During 2006 Matesa Denim Factory became one of the biggest denim factory in Turkey. The trousers plant, which was taken over at the end of 2006, is also the newest plant within Matesa constitution.

100% Cotton, Melange, Viscose, Polyester/Viscose, Cotton/Polyester, Acrylic/Cotton mixtured yarns can be produced in yarn spinning facility. Yarn spinning facility supplys all yarn requirements of knitting and weaving mills. By that feature, our company increases the standards of quality at the every stage of production and provides our customers the possibility of receiving the same quality for each order.

Many respected customers within either domestic market or foreign markets prefer Matesa quality. A significant part of the production within our firm is exported to European and Middle East countries.

All Matesa departments comply with international quality standards.

Matesa always takes special care to meet deadlines in the shipping of orders to its customers.

The Matesa difference can be seen in its fast service, high quality and reasonable price policies.

Today MATESA TEXTILE is one of the biggest and strongest textile companies of Turkey by laboring more than 3000 workers, a turnover of 200,000,000 US dollars. Today, Matesa continues to grow by maintaining its high quality standards as it was in the past.

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