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Meda Tekstil has been producing and supplying all kinds of circular knitting fabrics with high standards since 2007. In our factory in Istanbul, Turkey, we produce for some of the world’s most famous and successful brands. We have been meeting customer variety and quality expectations and needs in the environment highly changeable. By using technology centered, human and nature respected, reliable production methods and tools. Our vision to “be the best global fabric manufacturer company” is strongly supported by MEDA’s four embedded core values: Continuous Improvement, Trust, Teamwork and Recognition. We have been committed to a path of Lean Enterprise across all our operations as a way of putting our Values into practice for over ten years. This approach is an essential part of what we call the “MEDA Way”. Based in the Turkish state of Bagcilar, in central Istanbul, Turkey the plant started operations in 2007. The plant was designed using Lean concepts, employing minimal conveyor lengths to reduce intermediate inventory levels and ensuring short distances between all key process steps through to warehousing to reduce any unnecessary motion. Our Istanbul plant employs 50 people: 41 in production, 3 in management, 2 in maintenance and 4 in administration. The facility has 32 sets of circular knitting machines, with a total production of 11 thousand kilograms a day. The plant operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, divided into two shifts.

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