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Our company, Mega Foreign Trade was formed in 2001 in order to execute import, export, transit operations on confectionary products and salted snacks,wafers,cake,biscuits As soon as the company was set up, it started sales, marketing and distribution operations in Iraq and Romania by taking representation authorizations in the related territory from European and Turkish well known producers. Mega Foreign Trade operates in Esenyurt / Istanbul-Turkey with self office-logistic center mainly to serve its sister companies in Iraq (Eurofood Distribution) and in Romania (Romega Food Distribution). The company also executes export operations to different countries. Eurofood Distribution was formed in Zakho Iraq in order to make sales & distribution in the region and has been exlusive distributor of Elvan, Anl and Detay Gida from Turkey and also representative of a lot of Europian companies. Eurofood Distribution currently represents ELVAN-TURKEY, ANL-TURKEY, BALIN-TURKEY, EURONUT(PASA)-TURKEY, PROGUM-TURKEY, MULTIPROM- REP.MACEDONIA, CHIPITA (7 DAYS)-ROMANIA, BALOCCO-ITALY, CASSALINI-ITALY, MKB-BULGARIA, UNICONF-RUSSIA, OLYMPIC-GREECE, ULDUZ-AZERBAIDJAN, WAWEL-POLAND, AVK-UKRAINE, TRI STAR-UKRAINE, KALFANY-GERMANY. It has a modernized-fully equipped office & logistic center (2500 sqm) in Zakho. The sales force is organizing continuous activities to support their clients therefore every year there is an increasing trend in the service performance and coverage. Mega Foreign Trade is always in search for new sources to introduce in the market Romega Food Distribution was formed at Ilfov-Romania in 2007 for to make import, sales&distribution in the region. Whosale (60 clients), sub-distributor (120 Clients - 6 Area Sales Managers), International key accounts (10 clients) and Direct sales channels (300 clients) are heavily used to promote & sell the products in portfolio. The company is operating in its 4100 sqm office & logistic center and currently represents ETI-TURKEY, TAYAS-TURKEY, OCCA-TURKEY, PROGUM-TURKEY, KARSA-TURKEY, HALK-TURKEY, GUMI-TURKEY, ANL-TURKEY, BALIN-TURKEY, BUCURIA-MOLDOVA, NEFIS-MOLDOVA, MULTIPROM-REP.MACEDONIA, AVK-UKRAINE, ZAHARNI ZAVODI-BULGARIA, CASSALINI-ITALY. Our goal is increasing our market share for our products and to be one of 3 leader companies in the market for long term Romega Industry was formed at Ilfov-Romania in 2015 to produce coated/uncoated wafers, chocolate coated other products, chocolate bars-tablets. The Belgian chocolate and ingredients are sourced from reputable sources worldwide and served with companies registered own brands to Romania and international markets. The company is looking for new international clients to expand its business global and has a very good production capability at its premises (4500 sqm) with compatible know-how at its origin. Mega Foreign Trade is one of the best solutions partner in Iraq and in Romania Market in field of confectionary and chocolate

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