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2091/5000 Everything changes and develops very quickly. The only thing that does not change is that even 'change' changes with people. Because people are changing. Many senses, behaviors and brands that were accepted yesterday are becoming nostalgic for today and it is impossible to prevent it. Each brand has a story, and our story is that a twin child mothers woman is required to contribute to the health of the family and the country's economy and that "the economic power to keep and grow the economy is" MARKING "," the economy is a place where more women's employment is spoken In which the woman is positioned as an "Entrepreneur" and the words "towards entrepreneur women" have accelerated. We started our research in 2012 and started working as a MEG BABY in 2014 with a new and innovative product for "healthy generations in our own cultural values" and as a result we were able to produce washable baby diapers, women pedias and sick cloths. Our MEG BABY washable baby nappies are cheaper and up to 60% cheaper than the country and family economies. 2. Your baby continues to use these nappies to save even more. A baby is using cloths for an average of 3 years. With the MEG BABY washable cloths, this cost is 1,000, while in the case of disposable cloths, this cost is 5,000. As a result of these preliminary studies in 2012, we remember that traditional cloths (cloth cut from linen cloth and woven linen underneath) were used in a very common way before using cloths. We want to modernize our traditional cloths, make health and culture suitable for the masses and re-use them for the benefit of our people. As a result; Pisige Made of special bamboo fabrics that do not contain any bacteria, do not contain any bacteria, do not contain chemical gel like PVC-BPA-Nylon, do not contain any carcinogenic substances like PVC-BPA-Nylon, easy to clean, stain-free, We were able to produce environmentally friendly washable baby diapers, women pediatrics and sick cloths.

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