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Dear Sir / Madam,
We are a brand new established cotton spinning mill situated in KAHRAMANMARAS as well known textile centre of southeastern TURKEY.
Mem Textile recognizes productivity, efficiency, quality and technology as the keys to competitive advantage in international markets. Our machinery park is equipped with the latest innovations of textile technology. MEM Textile co-operates Luwa for air-conditioners and moving cleaners, Rieter for bale openers, cards, drawing frames, combing preparation, combing and ring spinning machines, Grossenheiner for roving machines, Schlafhorst for winding machines, Jossi Vision Shield for foreign material elimination in the blowing room, Zellweger Uster for laboratory equipment , Uster Quantum II for foreign fiber elimination in winding and Xorella for yarn steaming machines.
The yarns produced in our ring spinning plant of 63.120 spindles.We are proud of our yarn quality within 5% Uster Statistics-1997. ( USTER CV VALUES of Ne 30 CARDED Iyes between 11.0 to 11.5 )
Also we have oko-tex certificate. Also we are working under ISO 9002 Total Quality Management System.(BVQI & UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT).

In our production we are using top quality raw materials which are at the following :
-Usa green card cotton, fiber max seeds, 1.5.32 fiber length,contamination free yarns.
-Turkish High Quality cotton .(Izmir – Eagean cotton )
Let us introduce our products:
COMPACT YARN: New generation super quality ,without hairness yarns. Between Ne 24/1 to Ne 80/1 both for knitting and weaving. ( Rieter K 44 spinning machines, totally 20.160.-spindel capacity)
CARDED YARN: Both for knitting and weaving Range Ne 20 to Ne 30.
COMBED YARN: Both for knitting and weaving Range Ne 20 to Ne 40.
COMBY:A different type of yarn(our special production). Quality of the comby yarn is between carded and combed yarns. Both for knitting and weaving.
SLUB YARN: This is Flame yarn. Both for knitting and weaving .
ELASTANE CORE SPUN: yarn with lycra. We are using DUPONT Lycra in this yarn.
We are producing 100% Cotton OPEN END Yarn.. Both for knitting and weaving Range Ne 20 to Ne 24 , NE 30
OPEN END ( 10 Unit Rieter R40 ) each machine has 440 rotors Total : 4400 Rotors Open End yarns.
meanwhile we are exporting our products to most of the European Countries, especially Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria and Austria. Also to USA and Israel.
For further details we remain at your disposal.

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