METALSAN, which is succeeded in getting the modern technology of nowadays and the experience achieved by productions for the special orders of the clients about the components of auto cooling systems and auto spare parts industry together since 1990. This success puts Metalsan through a firm with well-earned title, which produces the demanded quality in the automotive sector. Modern manufactoring technology and total quality concepts, put Metalsan through a well-known firm in internal and external markets with a popular brand in manufactoring original and spare parts. Metalsan, with his CNC vertical turning lathes, horizontal turning lathes and data processing center parks and a production over 300.000 parts a year, will be your reliable, dear friend in the next years, too. By following our own discipline and concerned standarts, our aim as Metalsan is to produce in accordance with the expectations of the clients, provide customer satisfaction and work long years with them together under profitable and comfortable circumstances. Our most basic mission is to be respectful to the environment and beneficial to the society when we are restoring our quality to an advanced level and improving the management system with our modern technology and well-cared engine park permanently. We all believe that quality is a life style and has to be manufactured permanently in a reliable, healthy and comfortable way.

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