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Under UCEM Metal we had been serving in metal and construction sector with our 8 year experience but in the end of 2009 with the problem of name registration since then we continue as ORE METAL. Apart from standard hinges we manufacture wrought iron hinges, ball bearing hinge, oil hole steel door hinges and three way direction special hinges. In our products ST 37 transmission iron and C1040 steel are used. Having the principle of quality in this globalizing but shrinking world the company targeted to give quality products and on time service to its customers by accelerating the studies for increasing production capacity triple in the last quarter of 2009. At the beginning of 2010 the company completed its investments, modernized its machinery, increased its capacity and tripled it. Furthermore we supply all standard hinges as top oil hole. Seeing its customers as partners, prioritizing customer satisfaction and product quality, ORE METAL manufactures rail door roller, plastic and metal balance balls, adjustable balance rollers, flagpole rollers, wrought iron spring latch and optional special rollers. Ore Metal internalizes the fact that to achieve these targets happens with TOTAL QUALITY with all staff.

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