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MIMTEK is a corporate company of innovation, the technical structure of which is enhanced with 30 years of experience of OZMAK and ERTEKIN. It is a leading enterprise that offers best solutions for client needs in field of Cable and Plastic Industry Machinery, carrying its Cable and Plastic Pipe Machinery manufacturing culture, which it has been developing for years, one step further. It has been a preferred solution partner abroad for years with its wide range of products, price and quality, in addition to being a leader in its sector at home. It continues to deliver its sectoral experiences, which are built up over years, to its clients, by renewing them with today’s conditions. MIMTEK, which designs and establishes turn-key plants in field of Cable and Pipe, according to desired capacity, is in service for its clients with over 200 machine types and its registered brand of Ertekin. MIMTEK means high efficiency, advanced technology and a sincere cooperation.

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