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PRODUCER AND EXPORTER OF TURKISH MOULDING/MACHINING /PRECISION MADE PARTS THE SHINING STAR NATAMAK The concept of diversified management that started when the company was established (in 2006), continues even today. We aim at diversified business development by pursuing the synergistic effects of each business, making use of the popular technical capabilities while focusing on spare parts for AUTOMATIVE sector. CORPORATE RULES OF CONDUCT 1. Conduct fair, transparent, free competition and proper dealings based on a law-abiding spirit 2. Respond to customer satisfaction and trust by conceptualizing from the market and offering highest quality/technology/services 3. We deeply recognize that activities towards global environmental concerns are an important corporate mission, and we perform these activities voluntarily and pro-actively 4. We esteem character and individuality of employees to create a workplace that values their capabilities and work, and help each individual realize their full potential 5. Pro-active promotion of social contribution activities as a "Good corporate citizen" 6. We value international rules, and laws/culture/customs of various places in each country, and contribute to their development.

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