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NATUREL MEDICAL PHARMA was founded by Ahmet ALTAYLAR in 2006 with an understanding ‘the personnel and the customers are the real owners of the company’ NATUREL MEDICAL PHARMA combined strong business mentality, long years of experience, optimistic approach, and production technology with its proffessional and dynamic managing team. In this way, it placed itself among the effective and valuable companies in the medical / health market in and out of country. NATUREL MEDICAL PHARMA is a company which completely depends on its own capital. The plants have the production lines to manufacture the products for hospitals, pharmacies, and markets which mainly cover MEDICAL GROUP,DISINFECTANT GROUP, ANTISEPTIC (BIOCIDAL) GROUP, OTC GROUP, and COSMETICS GROUP. NATUREL MEDICAL PHARMA started its operations in the fields of hospital and pharmaceutical products in 2006 and it grew rapidly with continuous investments since then. In this period of more than 11 years, it has become one of the major players in the market. With the aim of becoming stronger in its sector, it set new global targets in 2017. On its way to become one of the leading international manufacturers and suppliers, it is expanding its share in the global market. It has clean room and laboratory on-site which work under the terms of GMP, manufacturing department with fully automatic production lines, along with the CE and FDA Certificates, ISO 9001-2008, and ISO 13485. With constant investments in R&D department, our factory has the ability to manufacture safe, quality and custom made products and we keep adding new products in our range.

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