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Nazar Elevator Ind.Ltd. Co. entered the sector in 2002 on wholesaling of elevator components, and then has extended its product line by following the innovations on elevator production. Having followed the developments in the elevator industry, the company has been selling its in-house products such as elevator automatic doors,elevator cabins, control panels and revision sets. Nazar Elevator Ind.Ltd. Co. gives particular importance the customer satisfaction and takes cognizance of making sales of its product line in compliance with TSE and CE norms. Nazar Elevator Ind. Ltd. Co. has taking as principle to deliver the high quality products with the most affordable price and has accelerating its studies in this direction. Upon request of its customers it is at your disposal with its Izmir Branch since 2011 and hereafter... Nazar Elevator Ind. Ltd. Co. had started manufacturing in its new plant in Industrial Zone of Konya located over an area of 6000 m2 closed, 6000 m2 open in total 12000 m2 since the beginning of the year 2013.

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