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Our company supplies wholesale packing products and raw materials for food production to the businesses which do sell product and service in food industry. Our company continues to focus on overseas activities, especially in Europe, America, Africa and the Far East, leads products and services to more countries. Our company,which is established with 100% domestic capital,brings the quality of Turkish product and elegance of the Turkish labor together for its selling products worldwide. It especially informs the companies which are supplying products from us in packing industry,generates some special alternative solutions and aims them to make an economical packing without comprimising the health of their customers. Our product range briefly is divided into three groups. Paper Products : Cups, plates, bags, sacs, boxes... Plastic Products: Forks, spoons, knives, stirrers, cups, food containers... Food Products : Coffee, sugar, flour, cream, cocoa, vanilla, yeast, aroma, sauce, nuts and peanut derivatives, rice and raisin derivatives...

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