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Company Profile Olmuksan International Paper has been offering high quality corrugated packaging products and services since 1968. It has consistently conformed to meticulous operating standards with strong sense of responsibility toward shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and its community. The Company provides services and products to its customers throughout Turkey and neighboring countries with paper mills in Edirne and Corum and corrugated box production facilities & warehouses in Gebze, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Corlu, Corum, Manisa and Antalya. The Company has regularly transmitted the benefits of technological advancement to its customers. International Paper, the world’s largest manufacturer of paper and corrugated packaging, became a shareholder in Olmuksan International Paper in 1998. This resulted in a more diverse product line and improvements in customer service. Olmuksan International Paper has also succeeded in increasing its export volume to different markets in recent years. In 2010, the company acquired all shares of DS Smith Plc. operations in Turkey. This acquisition extended the Company’s business into new geographic areas and will strengthen its market position and service level in different end-user segments. Attractive growth rates in the corrugated market sector, the positive impact of new legislation introduced in line with the EU accession process and Turkey’s growing export volume have a positive impact on the growth of the corrugated packaging segment. Olmuksan International Paper aims to attain growth parallel to the corrugated market sector and the Turkish economy. Growth will be supported by modernized investments, to be implemented in line with the dictates of the market. Olmuksan International Paper has taken action to deliver a “livable future” for shareholders and society under the provisions of the sustainability umbrella. Accordingly, the company's sustainability policy includes consistent ethical behavior, effective and responsible use of natural resources and ongoing efforts to create economic value in line with heightened environmental awareness. The core factor behind the success of the Company throughout its 44-year history has been its focus on customer relationship management. With over 1,000 employees fully dedicated to customers, Olmuksan International Paper will continue to offer innovative solutions to support its growth targets for 2012 and beyond.

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