ONSA Machinery company aimed permanent growth with its quality and effectivity to become one of the worlds’ leading brands via integrating its customers. Our main philosophy is customer satisfaction with offering high quality effective end products for the industry. ONSA Machinery delivers exceptional value for its customers through market insight, innovative products, and a powerful portfolio. We are focused on creating long-term value for our customers. This includes seeking ways to conserve resources, ecology, and increase the utility and durability of our whole range of products. ONSA 's innovations continue to produce valuable product offerings for customers while driving the company's strength and growth. With continual investments in research and development, ONSA provides innovative technology and industry-leading products to domestic & global markets and consumers. ONSA believes innovation requires both creativity and discipline. ONSA seeks to provide employees with the freedom to explore new ways to anticipate and exceed customer expectations while staying focused on the most productive, efficient use of resources in all parts of the business. In line with above objectives, we established our company with the name of ONSA Makine in in 2004 with an area of 140 m2. Our main direction is using highest quality stainless steel for our all products. Our company expanded its business volume and range of products in 2008. We now have 1250 m2 production site with 3500 m2 open area with cutting-edge technological equipments and machinery to produce high quality products. Our principles are achieving highest quality products, permanent reliability and total customer satisfaction with constant improvement. We are achieving customer satisfaction through the participation of all our employees. We always follow below criterions and properties to sustain our ongoing development for our each stage of production; ● Ability to meet standards ● Creativity ● Reasonable price policy ● Lasting determination ● Continuity and reliability ● Ontime delivery with required amounts ● Logistics and technical presentations ● Flexibility ● Product availability ● Product development ● Term of payment and finance ● Awareness of consumer issues and recommendation evaluation Innovation is the lifeblood of the machinery industry: new materials, new designs and new technologies are the catalysts that spark new machine trends. At the same time, modern products and innovative technologies are the key success drivers for food and textile producers: they enhance quality, increase productivity and raise profitability. ONSA focuses on continuously improving processes and products as well as discovering breakthrough technologies in food and textile industries. ONSA makes and develops following products with realizing above criterions; Milk Cooling Tanks, Milk Collection Tanks, Transfer Units, Milk Storage Tanks, Fermentation Vessels, Cheese Moulding Machines, Cheese Grater Machines, Yogurt cars, Mixer (various reactors), Heating and Refrigeration Equipments, Stainless Steel Water Tanks, Stainless Steel Racks, Heat Exchangers, Centrifugal spin machines.

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