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Founded in 1995, starting with weaving, expanding product portfolio, Towel, Bathrobe and carries out the production of Home Textiles. Each passing day increases our production capacity, high product quality and stable price policy has taken place it deserves in the international markets. Textile Onbasioglu brand: Aylin ® Collection; Onbasioglu reach the best quality textiles as we have a principle. Major objective is to advance our quality without compromise.100% cotton products are mainly produced in Turkey, including export our products to European countries. Our 13 years of experience as a model for internal and external market sector has become a brand of towels and bathrobes. The mission of our company, every time we generate the highest productivity in the most economic sense of quality, most accurate service to its customers to offer the fastest way. Our company's values, that does not compromise on quality, sensitive and respectful ofthe environment and the community in all areas, the principle of justice, honest, reliable work ekible

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