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As Optimum Al Energy Electric Limited Company we render service, in line with the requirements of the energy and electricity sectors and though our high quality work, in the field of sales of Relays, Rain Main Unit (RMU), Low-Voltage and Medium-Voltage distribution panels, Energy Analyzers, Concrete Kiosks, Metal Sheet Substations, Diesel and Natural Gas Generating Sets, Metal Clad Switchgears, Modular Metal Enclosed Switchgears, Circuit Breakers , Disconnectors , Voltage and Distribution Transformers, Insulators for each voltage and insulation levels, Dry-Type (Cast Resin) and Oil-immersed Transformers and Measurement and Protection Transformers. Also, Optimum Al provides after-sales support for all products and develops project. We render service about contracting executions and low, medium and high-voltage installations with professional and experienced staff.

In addition to these, we provide service of sales and contract for Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), Generators, Malfunction Indicator Mechanisms, Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures.

Moreover, our company is experienced in the production, installation and after-sales support for Engine Control Systems, PLC Configurations, SCADA, Electronic Control Equipment, Automatic Transfer Systems, Synchronization Clipboard and Control Modules.

The Optimum Al became ready to respond to demands of valued customers in the sector of energy production which come to the fore in recent years. Accordingly, we specialized in sections such as material supply, montage and project design for Hydro-Electric Power Plants, Thermo-Electric Power Plants, Co-Generation and Combined Cycle Power Plants, Solar and Wind Energy and also engaging these systems.

We invite you for working with our company that is honest, assistant, can produce answers including alternatives for the need, motivated itself and you in order to move up quality constantly…

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