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It all began in 1925 when Orthaus brothers began to build horse drawn carriages in Wullen. From wheel making to Carriage building various transport equipment were being built. Following years the Orthaus Brothers also built the first superstructures for motor vehicles and especially for busses. The increase in demand forced Orthaus to build a new production plant with a round roof which is accepted as state of the art for the era. As business continued at a growing rate trailers for agricultural and transport industry began to be built promoting the Orthaus mechanical suspension system built in-house. During 1950s the focus on construction was mainly tippers. Followed in close time by two way or three way tipping units. Followed by standart curtainsiders and expansion of the product range by aluminum and steel tippers of various sizes and types in the beginning of 60s. Innovative designs in 80s include walking floor trailers and hydraulic powered axle for trailers to provide extra traction in hard terrain. During these years it was also a main business line for the company to build high capacity road trains up to 120 m³ volume. 1987 is the year Orthaus applied for a patent for Glass transporters with a unique feature and being able to transport old and new type racks in one vehicle. Also a by product prefabricated concrete panel transporters are also being built on the same chassis. During 90s many new concepts were utilised as 3 in 1 Mega trailers, use of fiberglass covers in Glass transporters, factory utility vehicles for glass industry can be some examples. By 2012 Orthaus returns to market with a new team and state of the art new factory. Fully automatized robotic welding line, high quality surface treatment facilities including shot blasting, zinc phosphating and cataphoretic paint application to give the vehicles superior look as well as 10 years of rust warranty. New designs in tippers and curtainsiders will provide various advantages to our users: Robust and innovative design 10 year rustfree warranty More volume or lower empty weight which means higher cargo capacity* Long vehicle life Lower operating costs High second hand value Are a few of the advantages we provide. Together with the vision to provide customer oriented transport solutions Orthaus is back on the roads. *Depending on the model

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