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Company of Oylum Tekstil Elektronik was established by family of Oylum. Our group much more extended with PULEDRO brand of children clothing and TEKNOPALAS brand which operates in RFID technologies. Performing textile and RFID technology activities in our headquarter which is located in Istanbul and exports to over 20 countries including Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. QUALITY FOCUSED Our believed quality standards are irreplaceable requirements of us for creating long term businesses with our customers. We always aim to catch high quality for this company, our business partners and our valuable customers. We always develop by ourselves for the purpose of keeping the level of high quality on the same line. CREATIVE We offer distinctive applications by providing flexible and communicative working area for our professional staff. We provide added value with these creative applications for our business partners and customers. INNOVATIVE We take into acount all of the creative ideas for the purpose of meeting all market needs. Thus our innovative products and applications make difference in market. RELIABLE Finishing our works perfectly in compliance with our promises and agreements in time is one of our main principles. Honesty is priority for us and our staff.

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