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Oz Koyum Zeytincilik started olive oil production in 1957 by establishing an olive oil factory in Pelitkoy, Burhaniye, with a stone mill wet printing system. After serving the local people with the same method until 1988, when the existing machines and production started to be inadequate in 1996, Continuous Type Olive Squeezing Machines were brought from Italy and started to produce Continuous Olive Oil. The Kokten Family, which decided to institutionalize in 2015, registered the OZ KOYUM brand and started to sell olive oil in the region. Later, it has established its current branch and e-commerce site in order to appeal to wider masses and distribute the olive and olive oils of the Gulf Region, especially Burhaniye Region, in retail. As Oz Koyum olive, we make production focused on quality, trust, satisfaction and experience by keeping hygiene standards at the highest level with our latest system new technology in our production facility with our good agricultural certificates, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and covid-19 healthy and safe workplace certificate. We are a family company that has been producing olives and olive oil for generations. With each passing day, we are gaining momentum in the sector. Moreover, the fact that we stepped up the quality standard steps quickly caused us to be deemed worthy of many awards. We have succeeded in making our name widely known with our international quality award-winning oils. With 63 years of experience and self-confidence, we are raising the bar in our production day by day. Our production is carried out continuously in our own factory. Continuous Olive Oil Extraction is the most common olive oil production system in use today, consisting of a number of machines. Olive in this system, respectively; It passes untouched by cleaning, crushing, kneading (malaxation) and separating its oil. The olive oils produced are transferred to special chrome tanks and stored. It is passed through cotton filters before being bottled. We produce our olives for oil, which we collect in the form of early harvest from our own olive groves, as natural extra virgin by cold pressing method in our olive oil factory. The acidity level of our olive oil, which we produce as cold-pressed extra virgin, does not exceed 0,6 dizyemi. The antioxidant level is high in our olive oils. The reason for this is that we collect our olive harvest early and obtain it with the cold infiltration method. We are extremely proud to offer our valued customers our early harvest and cold pressed extra virgin olive oils.

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