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As Ser-Gun we manufacture and supply solar, solar energy, energy, solar energy system, solar energy systems, water treatment systems, water treatment system, led, aluminum profile, aluminum profiles, heat pump, heat pumps, solar water heating system, solar water heating systems, water heating, water heating systems, electric systems, solar electric systems, solar electric system, electric system, electric, heating system, heating systems, pump, pumps, boiler, boilers, collector, collectors, smart control panel, smart control panels, serpantine boiler, serpantine boilers, single serpantine boiler, double serpantine boiler, accumulation tank, single serpantine boilers, double serpantine boilers, accumulation tanks, selective collector, copper collector, aluminum collector, aluminium collector, galvanized collector, galvanised collector, selective collectors, copper collectors, aluminum collectors, aluminium collectors, galvanized collectors, galvanised collectors, led lamp, led lamps, led bulb, led bulbs, led projector, led projectors, rechargable led projector, rechargable led projectors, extrusion, extrusions, aluminum extrusion, aluminum extrusions, aluminum extrusion profile, aluminum extrusion profiles, extrusion profile, extrusion profiles, profile, profiles, aluminium extrusion... Having entered the solar energy sector in 1984, Ser-Gun Solar Energy was at first established in order to carry on our lives. In the elapsed time period it continued undertaking a different mission. Working within the borders of only one city, SER-GUN reached its current position of leadership with the enthusiasm and support it received from our people. Based on the reactions we received from the people since the day we started this business, we have seen how useful our services are. We have seen that we make people happy, contribute to their budgets and having this business, which was establish only for carrying on our lives, has been such a right decision. This pointed out for us the question of why we did not reach a wider crowd. In this sense we have decided to break out of our shell with the purpose of reaching more people, providing the cities with this energy, where it is not available and meeting with different masses. At first it was one or two cities but now we are ten thousands of people in tens of cities. We are feeling the pride of seeing the results of our perpetual works done in order to raise our quality. Our happiness increased when we won the award of "The Brand whose Quality is Most Trusted" of Turkey in heating category four times respectively in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 . In 2008 we put TUV CERT TSEN ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System, TUV Austria Hellas, EN ISO 1991: 2004 Environment Management System and OHSAS 1001: 1999 ELOT 1801: 2002 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems into effect. Furthermore , we lived the legitimate proud of declearing our trade quality and success once more by gaining the first European Union Consumer Quality Award 2009 and achieving the honor of United Nations Official Supplier.Our aim is to reach more people,to represent ourcountry abroad in the best manner, to perpetuate our leadersip in the sector in terms of the size of assets and the market and to provide with consumers with life-long services, ease, trust and happiness. We are also very happy to be able to contribute to te development of the country with our endeavors. Our strategy is to provide the best services to our customers by perpetuating our profits and expansion. I take thi moment to thank each and every individual of Ser-Gun family who have been with us in every phase and who share our missions.

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