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We offer the knowledge and experience we have gained during the 20 years we have spent in the sector to our esteemed customers with the machines we produce for the bakery and pastry products sector. We have become one of the best and most reliable companies in the sector thanks to our valuable Panemor customers who use machines of 15 different models in our product range. As a company, we offer solutions in small and medium capacity enterprises. Thanks to our many years of experience, our technological infrastructure including the latest innovations, our human resources who do our job well and the machines we produce using the best raw materials; we guarantee our customers a good start, efficient and long-lasting machines, consistently good quality product output. We continue our improvement and development activities in our products. In doing so, we follow the feedbacks we receive from our customers, market demands and the latest technological innovations. Our main aim; is to have a range of products that can be described as indispensable by producing machines that meet customer expectations. We ask you to look at our wide range of products in our catalog and on our website and hope to see you among our happy Panemor customers.

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