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As Pergel Education And Office Furniture Company, we have taken the first step in the education equipment sector in 2010. “Intelligent education goes through clever classrooms.” We believe that we produce all of our products for their well-being,because we know that our students are closely related to their educational performance,their school and classroom environment,and their success in their educational life. We are producing from educational furniture, laboratories,classroom equipment to executive furniture, we know that thanks to with our 3600 m2 production facility and our equipment help to increase the level of intelligence of our children. We provide turn key school projects.. Production Capacity: 7,500 Desk (A Month) - Our products are 2(two) year garantied. - Our prices not include transportation. - For demand we can send product with our contracted transportation company. - For demand autocad arcitechure drawing m2 measurements send our company we convert 3dMax drawings. - We can quote for different products.

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