year 5 YEAR

2002 is starting of business activities about Aluminum Factories, quality and productivities. We have professional working friends. They are expert about producting, management, international standards, high quality, productivity and etc… In the shortest time ekstrusion capacity increase from 200 tonnes/month to 900 tonnes/month. Anodizing capacity increase from 150 tonnes/month to 600 tonnes/month. We started to use new model CNC Machines and more quality with the special products. 2009 we started to product Aluminum accessories especially handrail accessories. We have 3000 m² closed area and professional CNC machines and anodazing plant. 2011 we started to product aluminum radiator. Before we start to product we worked about projects for many years about internationel radiator standards. We have two type of radiator. Aluminum Electrical and Aluminum water type radiator. 2013 we found Perpolio Ith. Ihrc. LTD. STI. The real reason to find Perpolio is to combine all our products under the same company. Perpolio offer you to solve all your problems.

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