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Acting as leader of the Turkish food industry, the Yasar Foods Group continues its studies uninterruptedly to make Pinar an international brand within the framework of the Group’s ideal vision. Even though the export volume of agricultural-based industrial products has not achieved the targeted levels due to restrictions imposed on Turkish made products by certain international markets, primarily the EU member countries, Pinar Labne cheese has become leading product in particularly the Middle Eastern market. Major countries for export include Kuwait, Bahrain, the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In these countries, Pinar has become a well-known and preferred brand, holding high market share.

This achievement is the result of studies made to develop products complying with gusto of the individual living in particular region and the importance given on export activities by the Yasar Group of Companies, in addition to the high quality of Pinar products. In the aforesaid countries, the relation between the customers and the brand is based on trust, as it is the case in Türkiye. Marketing activities carried out in such countries make remarkable contribution to the success achieved. The association of Pinar in international markets is not very different from that in Türkiye. It is consumed in other countries, as well, as a quality, delicious and healthy product and a reliable brand. Especially in Gulf Countries the Turkish brand enjoys various advantages.

Pinar Water has undertaken an important role in the Türkiye’s vision for foreign trade. During hard times when even the export of basic products suffered from various problems, Pinar Water was being exported to all countries in the world. Realising more than 50% of total exports of spring water, Pinar Water has become the consumers’ choice in various countries, from the USA to Singapore.

Pinar defined its main target as to grow together with its personnel, producers and supply companies, to become an internationally recognised world brand through integrity with its consumers and to improve its profitability and productivity together with its staff.

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