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We aim to be one of the leading companies in domestic and foreign markets with interior and exterior facade decorating products that we manufacture them under the brand name of POLILINE by using polystyrene raw materials and our experinces in building materials in 2011. Today the brand of Poliline is a well known brand in this industry with the supports of you, valuable customers. Our priority has always been manufacturing quality products by taking care of environmental and social facts. For providing this, all our staff has taken over responsibilities and contributed value in our brand. In production process, company manufactures interior facade products and interior building decoration products from XPS, exterior facade decoration products which are covered with a specific formule of developed EPS and durable for exterior air conditions. Our aim, as Poliline, is to be always the leader of innovations and meet customer requirements in the best way. With this regard we are pleased of offering our new product group, interior building decoration products to you. In addition to this, we give services in Menemen Ulukent Organized Industrial Zone by believing that the only way can be investments on technology, usage of high quality raw materials, right production process planning for manufacturing high quality products. Our main aim is always to be leader of our industry in the direction of power and confidence which we have obtained from our valuable customers.

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