Poyraz Grup is a corporate group that owns the most important footwear brands in Turkey and maintains its productivity through the basic dynamics which it has completely changed and hasn’t changed at all since the day it was founded. Throughout the 15-year period since its foundation, its production structure and capacity, ability to develop fashion, and the manpower it holds have changed from head to toe, however its business ethics and principles have remained constant. Poyraz Group, which set off producing 240 pairs of shoes per day in its first workshop of 80 m2, which it opened in 1994, today produces 2.500.000 pairs of shoes every year through its management facilities with an indoor area of 3.000m2 which is located in Sultangazi and its factory with an indoor area of 8.000m2, which is located in Basaksehir. As a portion of the production is exported, the remainder is offered for Turkey’s appreciation through the Group’s 120 branch offices. Furthermore, it designs and produces collections for the leading brands of Turkey. Poyraz Group, acknowledging that quality products do not manifest by chance but are produced through a well-thought chain of processes from the raw materials to the workmanship of their packaging, has created its own side industry. It conducts business only with dedicated suppliers which work only for the Group and adopts a business mentality that rewards its suppliers and customers. Many things have changed in the world and in the customers’ tastes. Poyraz Group, closely following up with the changes occurring in the lifestyles and expectations, strives to be productive without imitating and invests in authentic Turkish designs. The models created by a team under the direction of Murat Kaylan, who is one of the most prominent modelers and fashion designers in Turkey, carry a claim to produce a “Turkish Fashion”. The Group endeavors to create employment and “produce quality in Turkey” through the injection machines and production and management technologies which only a handful of companies possess. Poyraz Group invests in knowledge, management through knowledge, analysis of customer needs, a healthy organization and training of personnel. It acknowledges that the only investment that won’t be left unreciprocated is the investment made in knowledge and people.

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