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The first activity for Prolift Elevator Industry and Trade Inc. began with the elevator installation. Many experienced years in industry with the help of modern sources and technological manufacturing brought together the beginning of mass production in automatic car and landing doors. In 2002 in Giresun City’s Industry Area, in the following period in 2006 PROLIFT moved in a fully equipped factory in Giresun Large Industrial Area covered 6.000m2 and started its production of the Elevator automatic car and landing doors. All products are manufactured by our company with quality continuity, delivery and ergonomic assemblability, product variety, competitive price, ability to respond to requests and suggestions instantly within the scope of industry experience. The ability to adapt to the emerging standards and regulations in a short time has enabled our customer satisfaction. As a result of this satisfaction customer demands were increased and the company was encouraged to the new investments in Nilufer District, Bursa City. In addition to domestic demand, our production capacity reached 80,000 units by the end of the 2017 in export-oriented sales exceeding more than 25 countries and it is expected that our production capacity will be 120.000 in 2018. Prolift Automatic car and landing doors are varied from DKP mild steel powder coated, stainless steel AISI - 304 quality, SUS 304,316 and 430 special patterned and colored stainless steel, panoramic laminated glass 4+4 and PVC; central or telescopic door opening from 600mm to 1400mm. According to the number of panels that extends from 2 to 6 panels with a wide production capacity. Prolift Family’s vision is the one who deals with the past is not able to see the future, the one who cannot see the future will not move forward. Our aim is to develop the economy of Turkey by using effective and powerful supply from the working team together with the high technology that develops every day. As one of the leading company we are moving forward from the past towards the future and as a result we would like to thank all our customers who have been together with us.

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