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In order to address changing needs, special demands of our customers and different tastes, we provide “Special Production” service. In addition to our products, we make custom designs, sizes and details according to your demands. Qattan providing services that adds special innovation and added value to the demand on the project basis weaves its original designs on contracted looms. Yarns used in the production with Qattan are specially selected for the targeted products and the yarns used are dyed in dyeing houses with Ekotex certificate and processed on Qattan's experienced machines. All intermediates and raw materials used have international Ekotex certificates and are presented to customers upon request. Products with quality controls are shipped according to customer demand. Barcoding, labeling and packaging solutions of customers' own brands are also provided by Qattan. Qattan's ultimate goal, which keeps the price-performance balance of all products high in favor of the consumer is to provide the best quality and service to the end user.

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