year 1 YEAR

Aycan Metal has come to these days by making a name for itself through its achievement in the subjects of branding and raising its commercial reputation with its operations of laser cutting, metal sheet cutting by oxygen, metal sheet cutting by plasma, abkant metal folding and cutting by guillotine and continued its operations with the proud of adopting an enlightened future as a vision without giving up in the face of challenges. Our long established and developing portfolio and the “quality” that we present based on our principles are the strongest evidence of seriousness and importance of our works. We have no doubt that the energy and inspiration that we have taken from you our dear customers make us achieve our positive targets for the future. At this travel that we have begun along with you, strong dialogs and friendship bridges that we have established have been reinforcing our relationships at the frame of cooperation. In fact, it is this encouragement and motivation from you making us strong always against the factors threatening our economy and other preventive factors.

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