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As Remta Makina we manufacture and supply industrial kitchen equipments, tea dispensers, coffee dispensers, milk dispensers, salep dispensers, chocolate dispensers, luxury tea brewers, tea brewers, lemonade dispensers, ayran dispensers, juice extractors, orange extractors, soup kettles, panini grills, fryers, griddles, industrial kitchen equipment, tea dispenser, coffee dispenser, milk dispenser, salep dispenser, chocolate dispenser, luxury tea brewer, tea brewer, lemonade dispenser, ayran dispenser, juice extractor, orange extractor, soup kettle, panini grill, fryer, griddle, cold drinks dispensers, corn boilers, electric panini grills, electric fryers, electric griddles, electric roller , kebab grills, electric tea brewers, flat plates electric brewers, gas tea brewers, electric tea brewers, gas panini grills, gas griddles, gas roller grills, gas kebab grills, gas tea brewers, hot chocolate dispensers, juice extractors, kebab slicers, lpg panini grills, lpg fryers, lpg griddles, roller grills, salamander grills, waffle makers , crepe makers , ice cream cone makers, water dispensers, coffee machines, cold drinks dispenser, corn boiler, electric panini grill, electric fryer, electric griddle, electric rollers, kebab grill, electric tea brewer, flat plates electric brewer... The goal of Remta Makine is to manufacture the best quality countertop equipments and give the best quality services which is needed at industrial kitchen sector. Founded as a family company has been presenting its products under the founder Refik GOKBAY's experience to local and foreign markets by increasing its product range since 1995. It's our principle to give the same service to not only one hundred product purchaser but also one product purchaser.

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